Yellow 77? Plus, 5-Gallon Bucket

Yellow 77? Plus, 5-Gallon Bucket
  • Rapid Glide? polytetrafluoroethylene additive provides greater lubricity than other wax-based lubricants — great for tough pulls
  • Safe to use with all cable types
  • Clings to cable throughout long runs, even where moisture is present
  • Remains temperature stable from 32°F to 190°F (0°C to 88°C)
  • Environmentally safe – non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive

IDEAL Yellow 77? Plus Wire pulling lubricant is a wax-based formula offering superior lubricity due to the Rapid Glide? polytetrafluoroethylene additive — great for tough pulls. It is safe to use with all cable types. It won't break down/separate after repeated exposure to freezing temperatures and dries to a thin, non-conductive film that won't clog conduit. Yellow 77? Plus has a creamy texture and clings to cable throughout long pulls. Apply conveniently and uniformly by hand or brush. It is a homogeneous blend that requires no mixing and forms surface coat to control evaporation, so it won't dry out. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive for user safety. Lubricant remains stable in high temperature from 32°F to 190°F (0°C to 88°C). It comes in 1 qt squeeze bottle, 1-gallon bucket, and 5-gallon bucket. Lubricant is UL listed.

More Information
Pack Size 5-Gallon Bucket
Min. Stability Range 32F(0C)
Max. Stability Range 190F(88C)
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Lube Type Wax
Coefficient of Friction 0.16
Cable Compatibility Rubber
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